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The Lifespan Assay Survival Kit [Whitepaper]

The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans has provided remarkable insights into the biology of aging. The precisely measurable lifespan of worms has proven to be an efficient tool to assess the impact of various genetic, physiological and environmental factors on organismal aging. Lifespan assays can be labor intensive and time consuming. In this article, we will highlight the critical considerations that could make or break your lifespan assay. Our aim is to help you interpret a variety of different procedures by emphasizing the crucial considerations to ensure the success of running a lifespan assay.

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Worms on drugs: How well can C. elegans predict drug toxicity in mammals?

One can kill nematodes by feeding them any number of noxious chemicals, but how effectively can worms predict potential human toxicity of drug leads? Also, given that the dosage is often the difference between a remedy or a poison, how well does the dosage of a drug translate between worms and humans? If worms lack most of the organ systems that would be key targets of drug toxicity, then how do we test toxicity in organ systems that the worms don’t have? We will discuss how InVivo Biosystems addresses these questions when using C. elegans as a model for drug testing.

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Research Spotlight: Alzheimer’s Disease

June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month. We wanted to take a few moments to spotlight some of the awe-inspiring research on Alzheimer’s disease taking place in alternative animal models: C. elegans: Kumar DK, Choi SH, Washicosky KJ, et al. Amyloid-β peptide protects against microbial infection in mouse and worm models of Alzheimer’s disease. Sci …

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[Webinar] A Shortcut To Understanding Longevity: A Rapid In Vivo Analysis Of A Compound’s Effect On Health And Aging

Learn more about our Longevity Platform and how it can benefit you by tuning into our recent webinar! Title: A Shortcut to Understanding Longevity: A Rapid in vivo Analysis of a Compound’s Effect on Health and Aging Agenda: Who are we? Healthy Aging: compounds for improving longevity and healthspan Nutraceutical market drivers and pain points InVivo …

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[Case Study] Exploring the Potential

NemaMetrix is the market leader for early preclinical in-vivo testing using small animal models to gain a better understanding of the efficacy, mode of action, toxicity and potential targets for novel compounds. In this case study we outline how we used the animal model C. elegans to perform a set of specific experiments designed by our experts to provide rapid and reliable data based on our customer’s priorities. Using the data that we provided, our customer was able to apply for multiple patents in a timely manner.

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