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What is the new Split hygromycin method? How does it differ from MosSCI? How can we use it to help you?

In 2020 a new method of inserting transgenes into the genome of C, elegans was introduced to the field, and was quickly adopted by InVivo Biosystems. In this article we will discuss the new Split hygromycin method, how it differs from the traditional MosSCI method, and what benefits this new method has both for us in the InVivo Biosystems lab, and for our customers.

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Precise Knock-outs for Precise Research

Knockouts are the bread and butter of reverse genetic studies. They allow researchers to study the effects of the absence of a particular gene, protein segment, amino acid, or regulatory element, thereby enabling the researcher to determine their function. Many of the classically used and widely available knockout lines researchers rely on are not precise …

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