What are Knock-outs and Knock-ins?

Knock-out and Knock-in technologies enable researchers to modify genes in a chosen model system, and thus, can reveal a lot about how a gene functions. However, while these two methods may sound like complementary opposites, their purpose and design can actually have major differences. In this whitepaper we will discuss the available Knock-out and Knock-in methods, and how they differ, so that you can determine which is best-suited for your experiment.

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Differences Between HDR vs NHEJ

Summary The CRISPR-Cas9 system has become integral in the toolbelts of genomic scientists, researchers, students, etc. Never has it been so easy to wield a pair of molecular scissors in your (pipetting) hand, however, there are a few intracellular processes to consider before cutting up your genome of interest. In this article, we will give …

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