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New Product: The Zebrafish Embryonic Genotyper 

The Zebrafish Embryonic Genotyper (ZEG) is an automated microfluidic system that extracts genetic material from live zebrafish embryos. The genetic material can then be used for downstream DNA amplification, identification, and analysis. The ZEG has rapid extraction, with 96 embryos being sampled in an hour. Furthermore, the sampling process is non-destructive meaning the embryos can be sampled, and then be raised to adulthood.

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Featured Findings:

17 Minutes of Science: Gene Mutations Involved in Epilepsy and Cortical Hyperexcitability

We are back from the Holidays for season 2 of 17 Minutes of Science! To kick off the 2021 season we are pleased to be joined by Dr. Jeffrey Noebels from the Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Noebels uses the mouse model but believes strongly in the benefits of the multiple model approach. His research focuses include gene control of neuronal excitability within the developing mammalian central nervous system, inherited neurological diseases, and epilepsy.

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Egg Viability Assay – A View From The Bench

One of our researchers takes a deep dive into the Egg Viability Assay we perform with C. elegans. Check out the post to learn more about the process, the various steps, and the importance of various features of the assay.

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17 Minutes of Science is now a podcast

You asked and we answered - 17 Minutes of Science is now available on various podcasting platforms and is continuing to launch across others. You can follow along on Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, and Breaker. Subscribe to stay in the know!


Our Zebrafish Pages Have a Brand New Look!

We are always trying to provide you with the best and most relevant information to help you. To that end, we decided our Zebrafish pages needed a revamp and are very excited with how they turned out. Check them out and let us know what you think!

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Next week on 17 Minutes of Science we will be joined by Christine Kressirer, the senior director of Azzur Cleanrooms on Demand (COD). Christine will be joining us to talk about how Azzur is providing support for every stage of scientific development from discovery to development. Tune in to learn more!.

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