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How do I get rid of this pesky protein?

Being able to understand how a protein acts in specific tissues and times can be key for the general understanding of a protein’s function.  There are methods to do this at the genomic level such as the Cre/Lox system or RNAi. However, often a more rapid and direct approach is needed. This can be achieved through the degradation of the target protein. There are a few methods to achieve this degradation but they can be summarized in 3 steps which we explain in detail.

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Featured Findings:

How to identify a successful transgenic edit in C. elegans

Learn the key factors to consider when choosing a screening method, various editing techniques, and the pros and cons of various screening methods in C. elegans.

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17 Minutes of Science: Turning Technical Talk into Compelling Communication

For episode 29 of 17 Minutes of Science we were joined by Lauren Perna of Lauren Perna Communications to discuss her work marketing for life science companies to help them turn the technical talk into compelling communications in order to see increased engagements and marketing successes.

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An Inside Look at Our Zebrafish Husbandry Part 1: Crosses [Video]

Are you wanting to learn more about zebrafish husbandry? Have you ever wondered how we do our zebrafish crosses? Our zebrafish team put together this insightful video to help explain some of the zebrafish husbandry process, focusing on zebrafish crosses.

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Immobilize and Recover Live C. elegans Without Chemical Anesthetics

NemaGel is an easy way to completely immobilize C. elegans for imaging purposes with the ability to reverse the immobilization and recover the worms. We also now offer NemaGel with or without beads. You are able to improve the outcome of C. elegans fluorescent microscopy using the imaging assistance solution.

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