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Year-end sale is on now!

We are so thankful you have chosen InVivo Biosystems to be a partner and trusted us with helping you further your research. As a way of thanks, we are excited to announce our annual end of year sale for 2020!

Purchase a product or C. elegans service from us before December 31st, 2020 and receive 10% off your total purchase*. Use the code endofyear10 at checkout or talk to your sales rep to receive this discount.

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Featured Findings:

Zebrafish Genome Editing: CRISPR vs. Tol2

One of our scientists takes a deep dive to compare two popular genome editing technologies, CRISPR/Cas9 and Tol2. Learn more about each tool and the pros and cons of each.

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17 Minutes of Science: Creating an Ideal Model – How Judith Eisen Helped Pioneer the Use of Zebrafish in the Lab

For episode 31 of 17 Minutes of Science, we were joined by Dr. Judith Eisen of the University of Oregon to discuss how she has helped to pioneer the use of zebrafish as a model organism throughout her career.

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A Look Inside the CRISPR Toolbox

This visual quick-guide offers a look inside the control possible through CRISPR genome edited transgenics, and will offer guidance as to which method would be preferred for your project.

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Microfluidic EPG Recordings From Diverse Nematode Species

The InVivo Biosystem ScreenChip platform was developed for C. elegans, However, C. elegans represents only one of the estimated 1 million members of the highly diverse phylum Nematoda, of which only ~25,000 species have been described. To demonstrate the utility of microfluidic EPG recordings from species beyond C. elegans, we adapted the platform to record from human and animal parasites, male and female members of a dioecious species, and a carnivorous nematode.

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The holidays are upon us and while we may not be celebrating in the large groups of years past, we are all likely going to be spending a bit more time in the kitchen. While the kitchen is not the lab, there is still a ton of interesting and fun science happening every time you make something, so for our final installment of 17 minutes of Science for 2020, we wanted to dig a bit deeper into that. Tune in on December 8th to learn more about the science of baking from a professional food scientist. Save your seat.

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