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Improve Human Health Gene By Gene


For Industry Clients

Need scientific evidence of efficacy in your ingredients or compounds?

Available Services:
Compound Effects Evaluation |
Phenotype-based Drug Discovery | Neuro Disease Models | Zebrafish Model Creation | Custom Analytical Services



For Academic Clients

Genome-edited C. elegans or zebrafish models built to your specification.

Available Services:
C. elegans Genome-Editing | Zebrafish Genome-Editing
Humanized Models | Strain Validation Services

What We Do

Deliver scientific proof and evidence for your chosen ingredients or compounds at the molecular and cellular level via a proprietary analytical approach to support your product claims, patent filing, secure your next round of funding or refine your formulations using the best science backed measure of outcome.

Managed by experienced PhD scientists, InVivo Biosystems’ gene expression platform can help find new applications for novel ingredients, discover new molecules, and conduct proof-of-concept studies for therapeutic purposes. 

What's New

Sample Report

Sample Report image

Download our sample data report to see an example of the dataset you would receive if you partnered with us. Download Now.

White Paper


Our newest white paper focus on the gut microbiome and discusses the questions: What is the microbiome? How does it help or hinder health? And, what does recent research indicate? Download Now.

Customer Story

Galyan Customer Story - cover

Dr. Marius Galyan (CEO and Founder at Galyan Bio, Inc.) shares his experience in working with InVivo Biosystems and how the Longevity Platform delivered the results he needed to accelerate his research. Download Now.

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