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[Case Study] Exploring the Potential

How an anti-aging research company leveraged C. elegans to predict the most valuable longevity-enhancing compounds to develop


Traditionally, clients of NemaMetrix's in-vivo testing services are pharmaceutical companies investigating chemically synthesized small molecules for efficacy on a specific gene target of interest. However, we have noticed a shift towards preventive medicine, which has given anti-aging companies a favorable environment in pursuing longevity and aging studies. These companies are tackling the aging process through pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine, caloric restrictions, and dietary supplements.

One such company recently came to us wanting help identifying a compound mixture whose synergistic mode of action has the most positive effect on longevity. Unfortunately, this company's timeline was short – they needed preliminary data for their patents within the next 6-10 months.



We used the whole animal model C. elegans to perform a set of specific experiments designed by our experts to provide rapid and reliable data based on this anti-aging company's priorities.


NemaMetrix is the market leader for early preclinical in-vivo testing using small animal models such as C. elegans and zebrafish to gain a better understanding of the efficacy, mode of action, toxicity and potential targets for novel compounds. Using the data that we provided, our client was able to apply for multiple patents in a timely manner.

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