C. elegans Behavior & Phenotyping Capabilities

C. elegans Behavior & Phenotyping

RNA Interference/Knockdown

Used for analysis of gene function, identification of molecules involved in biochemical pathways, lead optimization, toxicological studies and functional genomics. 

Knockdown of lmn-1 in N2 young adult worms with a titration of lmn-1RNAi. For QPCR characterization of knockdown, two different lmn-1 primer sets (ps1 and ps4) were used, targeting the exon 4-5 and exon 5-6 boundaries. Controls are treated with vector L4440. Biological duplicates for each RNAi concentration are shown.  Error bars represent SEM among technical replicates. Significant knockdown of expression was achieved for all lmn-1 (RNAi) concentrations.


    The most common use of RNAi in drug discovery is for target validation experiments.  For example, targeting human kinases with an siRNA library. The assay also allows you to specifically and gradually silence target genes at chosen time points.


    RNA interference (RNAi) is a natural phenomenon in which double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) causes degradation of the complementary mRNA. Partially impair or knock down the expression of an essential gene at a chosen point of the animal’s life.



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