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Let’s Fail Faster: Why Scientific Failures Should be Accepted as Progress

In the scientific community there is an emphasis on positive results: getting published, having a drug be approved, etc. However, crucial learning happens when experiments don’t work – in fact, these “failures” may be some of the most important learning experiences. In this article we discuss the need to shift the focus from failing less, to failing faster and some of the resources available to researchers so they can expedite their own work.

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The Path to Affordable Therapeutics in Rare Disease – Tackling Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation in the PMM2 gene.

Rare diseases are just that: rare. However, when combined rare diseases affect 3.5% – 5.9% of the worldwide population, and present a growing healthcare issue. In this article we talk with Dr Sangetha lyer about her work at the biotech Perlara and highlight their recent successes in a drug repurposing campaign for PMM2-CDG.

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Drug Repurposing for Neurological Disorders

Neurological disorders are extremely widespread, affecting over 1 billion people worldwide, and have debilitating effects, impacting the brain, spinal cord, cranial nerves, and peripheral nerves. Despite this, many neurological disorders lack effective treatment. One strategy that offers an attractive way to find better therapies is drug repurposing. Also known as drug reprofiling or drug repositioning, drug repurposing identifies new purposes for pre-existing compounds, and offers reduced time frames, decreased costs, and improved success rates. While drug repurposing for neurological disorders has gained attention in the past decade, it is still an underused approach. In this article we will discuss drug repurposing, its benefits, its place in neurological drug research, and its recent success.

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Seventeen Minutes of Science: Viral Gene Therapies and Their Potential Use Against COVID-19

Tune in weekly to our virtual series “Seventeen Minutes of Science” every Tuesday at 11am PST / 2pm ET where we go live on Facebook with a new guest each week to talk about how science and biotechnology is woven into their lives for (you guessed it) 17 minutes! This week on 17 Minutes of …

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