Zebrafish Analytical Services

Preclinical In Vivo Data In 2- 4 Months


Our Analytical Services can bridge the data gap between cell culture and rodent models faster. Using the zebrafish model, we can deliver in vivo data on average, in as little as 2-4 months. The data delivered to you can save time and money down the road when you decide to move on to more complex model systems.

If you are interested in using zebrafish for preclinical studies and drug discovery, we can be your end-to-end service partner to get you the data you need. Our services include toxicity studies, phenotype screening, target identification, validation and lead optimization.

Our Solutions

As a world leader in zebrafish research and services, we can provide end-to-end service including design and line generation, phenotypic data collection and interpretation using the zebrafish model.

Analytical services we provide:

  • Efficacy Testing & Evaluation
    - Generation of disease models (either chemically or genetically) in order to determine if your lead compound(s) ameliorate disease phenotypes or affect important metabolites.
  • Genetic Target Validation & Discovery
    - Crispant screening: We use CRISPR to generate transient KOs (termed F0 crispants) for a gene of interest. This can be used to rapidly determine whether genes are involved in disease processes and make good targets for further discovery.
  • Library & Candidate Screening
    - Screen compound libraries and biologics (up to BSL2) for effects on a variety of readouts, including gene expression, fluorescence, and morphometrics.
    - For cell-based compound screening, Boster Bio offers robust luciferase reporter assay services that are cost effective. If you are looking for cell-based drug characterization, check them out.
  • Toxicity Testing
    - Our Acute Embryo Toxicity testing meets OECD 236 guidelines. We also offer targeted hepatotoxicity, neurotoxicity, and cardiotoxicity analysis.
  • Automated phenotyping and behavioral analysis
    - Utilizing automated phenotyping platforms such as the DanioVison, we extract multidimensional data on behavior and morphology.
    - Our machine learning capabilities provide robust insights.

Compound Testing

We can test small molecules and viruses (e.g. - gene therapy. we are certified up to BSL2 level work)


Disease Models

NASH/ NAFLD | Epilepsy | Retinal Disease | DMD | Metabolic Disorders / Obesity


Drug Repurposing

We can screen market-available drugs and/or compound libraries to reveal the therapeutic best fit for rare genetic diseases.

Core Capabilities

As an expert in zebrafish research, our core competencies reside in the following areas:

  • CRISPR genome editing
  • Deep Phenotyping
  • Omics-based analysis

Our phenotype-based drug discovery process uses zebrafish to bridge the gap between cell culture and murine models. Using zebrafish as an in vivo model, drug discovery can be target independent and results based from the very start.  This approach focuses on ameliorating phenotypes and allows efficacious drugs to be identified more quickly and readily, costing less time and money. And, because of advances in genetics allowing us to reliably express human proteins the zebrafish model is more translational than ever before. Our services are suitable for projects such as:

  • finding alternative therapeutic indications (aka indication expansion) for your compounds
  • discovering new therapeutic applications for an existing drug target
  • discovering novel therapeutics to assist in the treatment of a disease
  • vetting drug targets identified in GWAS studies

Our Process

We are on Scientist.com or ScienceExchange marketplaces. You can make a request or complete a transaction with us using either marketplace.



Understand Your Goal

We will set up a 30-minute call with you to understand your needs. During this call, we will define the scope of your project, answer your practical questions and help you assess whether our service is a good fit for you.



Create A Custom Catalog

After we decide on the scope of the project, we will create a proposal that includes cost and time estimate for each experiment proposed. You will be able to personalize your project plan.



Finalize Project Design

We will send you a final statement of work and payment schedule. Once we receive your first PO, we will start the experiments and give you a defined timeline for your project.


Report Out

Maintain Clarity And Transparency

We will keep you updated every two weeks on the status of your project. At the end of your project, we provide you with a report that includes comprehensive findings and key takeaways.

Connect with us to learn more about working with us on analytical services.
We are on Scientist.com and ScienceExchange marketplaces. 
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