Compound Efficacy Testing

Compound Efficacy Testing

We work with pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and biotech industries by providing the scientific data that our clients need to select the most effective "winning" compounds, determine mechanism of action, file patents and succeed in clinical trials.

  • Test hypothesis and validate efficacy in health benefits
  • Identify mechasnism of action of a compound or formulation
  • Provide comprehensive science-based evidence of safety and efficacy for a compound or formulation

Our Advantages

Our unique workflows and capabilities deliver benefits to your business :

  • The short lifecycles and fast development of our alternative animal models C. elegans and D. rerio enable us to get you the data you need in as little as 3 months.
  • Provides data beyond the test tube on how a whole organism responds to compounds without compromising on translation to humans.
  • Data can be used in patent filings, investor decks and marketing materials.

See how we help Thaena develop novel metabolite with compelling longevity and healthspan implications and outcomes. Read the press release.>>

Listen to one of our customers (Mikra) discuss why they chose to partner with us and the value they gained from working with our team >>

"We were able to get the data we needed to proceed with product development within our timeline and budget. We trust the data and findings provided by InVivo Biosystems, which are shared with our customers and distributors. I really felt that InVivo Biosystems did pretty much everything that they said they would do. It was done in a manner that gave me confidence in the results."  – Dr. David Vollmer, Chief Scientific Officer,  4Life Research.

Read the customer story.>>

Service Description

Genetic Signature Study. We determine how a compound or formulation affects gene expression using RNAseq and transcriptomics technology. We then distill this information into specific guidance on what to look for in clinical studies and substantiation of structure/function claims. Data Delivered as quickly as 3 months.

Vitality Study. We perform lifetime monitoring of a large population of animals to determine whether compounds and formulations affect lifespan and healthspan. Data Delivered as quickly as 5 months.

Antioxidant Capacity Study. We uncover whether a compound or formulation has antioxidant properties using a standardized reactive oxygen species exposure assay. Data Delivered as quickly as 2 months.

Mitochondrial Function Study. We investigate the impact of a compound or formulation on mitochondrial function across the lifespan utilizing fluorescent imaging of mitochondrial structures. Data Delivered as quickly as 4 months.

Automatically quantify longevity and healthspan


Tracking C. elegans movement throughout their lives. Both lifespan and healthspan are measured every 15 minutes. (Left): Animals' movement. Color purple: animals are healthy; color yellow: animals are unhealthy; color red: animals are dead. (Right): percent of population alive.

Service Packages

Our Efficacy Testing Platform offers 3 data packages. Bring us your ideas, figures, and references and we can bring them to life for your products.

  • Data Only Package: includes study design consultation, quality controlled data and raw data delivery.
  • Data Interpretation Package: includes Data Only Package plus high-level interpreted report, statistical comparisons, post-study consultation.
  • Data Customization Package: includes Data Interpretation Package plus customized data visualization, step-by-step presentation of key findings and post-project support and on-call consulation.


Our data helps companies prioritize their development pipelines by giving them quantitative information about how candidate formulations combat aging and age-related conditions.

Traditional longevity experiments using mice can take upwards of 2-3 years to complete and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Using our platform, you can quickly and economically test a compound’s ability to extend lifespan and healthspan with large sample sizes of live animals in less than 5 months and get answers to the following questions:

  • Does my compound have a positive or negative effect on lifespan?
  • How does my compound affect lifespan AND healthspan?
  • Which are the associated signaling pathways that contributed to the life extension?

Get Kaplan-Meier survival curves from live animals within 3 months.

Using our platform, you can quickly and economically test a compound’s ability to extend lifespan and healthspan with large sample sizes of live animals. We use automated scanning to produce smooth, high resolution survival curves and ensure reproducibility, detection power, high resolution and robust conclusions.

Leverage Molecular Biology to Understand Mechanism of Action.

We use RNAseq to help our clients get the “big picture” effect of their compound on known aging pathways including mitochondrial stress, oxidative stress, and DNA damage. By comparing the complete gene expression profile of animals as they age, we can uncover how compounds exert their lifespan-extending effects.

Aging pathway analysis. Global gene expression analysis indicates two candidate pathways likely to mediate the effect of compound on lifespan: oxidative phosphorylation and oxidative stress.

Mapping of gene expression data to longevity pathways in the KEGG database. Pathway shown represents changes of expression that might be observed under conditions of dietary restriction. Pathway components are color coded based on the level of up or down regulation of treated samples versus control. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To find an optimal dosage for longevity testing, we apply

  1. a highly-sensitive growth assay to find physiologically effective dose range,
  2. an acute toxicity assay to determine maximum non-toxic dose, and
  3. our extensive knowledge base of compound testing in C. elegans.

We share our data and rationale with the client in advance of finalizing dosage and delivery for longevity assays.

We monitor and measure the growth rate of animals exposed to compound from hatching to the first day of adulthood (total of 4 days) using precise, automated image analysis.  Nematode growth rate and development is highly sensitive to chemical disturbances, and the growth assay is widely used in toxicology studies.

WTS can be more cost-effective than qPCR to identify which genomic loci are expressed in a population at a given time over the entire expression range, hypothesis-free (without the need to pre-define the genes of interest). In addition, WTS yields high dimensional data for a large number of genomic loci and detects gene expression changes (i.e., mRNA levels) between different experimental conditions.

We accept crystals, solutions, emulsions, oils, natural extracts, nanoparticles or nanobeads up to 15 µm diameter.

We do not accept compounds that are hazardous and/or BSL 3 and above or any hazardous volatile compounds that require handling in a chemical hood.

Yes, however we recommend that a client provide either the compound itself or the specific catalog number(s) of the compound to be tested.


A positive and a negative control are included for each compound. The appropriate controls will be defined based on the nature of the compounds to be tested.

Our Process

We are on Scientist.com or ScienceExchange marketplaces. You can make a request or complete a transaction with us using either marketplace.



Understand Your Goal

We will set up a 30-minute call with you to understand your needs. During this call, we will define the scope of your project, answer your practical questions and help you assess whether our service is a good fit for you.



Create A Custom Catalog

After we decide on the scope of the project, we will create a proposal that includes cost and time estimate for each experiment proposed. You will be able to personalize your project plan.



Finalize Project Design

We will send you a final statement of work and payment schedule. Once we receive your first PO, we will start the experiments and give you a defined timeline for your project.


Report Out

Maintain Clarity And Transparency

We will keep you updated every two weeks on the status of your project. At the end of your project, we provide you with a report that includes comprehensive findings and key takeaways.


Ready to connect with us to learn more about working with us on compound testing?
We are on Scientist.com and ScienceExchange marketplaces. 

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