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Bi-Weekly Newsletter: 3.20.2020

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Continuity of Business in Response to COVID-19

As the situation regarding the COVID-19 outbreak changes daily, we wanted to advise you on how we are addressing the issue at NemaMetrix.

Our top priorities are the health and safety of our employees and ensuring that our customer’s project can continue uninterrupted. This effort starts with our internal readiness efforts. Internal teams have already been implementing work continuity efforts (running our teams in shifts) and planning for other contingencies related to COVID-19 to minimize any potential disruptions. We’re in regular communication with our customers and business partners and will be communicating, assessing and adapting as needed.

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Featured Findings:



  • The Importance of Gene Position for Muscle Development and Integrity 
    • The C. elegans model is used to study mutations in the nuclear structural protein lamin A, which produce rare, tissue-specific diseases called laminopathies. By inducing a human laminopathy in C. elegans, not only did they understand the molecular basis of the disease, they found a way to counteract the dominant defects of the mutation, suggesting a novel therapeutic pathway. Read more


  • Census' in the Zebrafish's Brain
    • Scientists have found that, following a brain injury, zebrafish are able to form new neurons and integrate them into the nervous system, which is the reason for their brain regeneration ability. This is comparable to humans and other mammals and will likely play a major role in future regeneration studies. Read more



Social distancing is the perfect time to learn something new - whether you are a CRISPR pro, want to learn more, want to share with a friend , or just love a good podcast, check out this list of the "Top 10 CRISPR Podcasts Every Scientist (and Non-Scientist) Will Love" provided by Synthego. Read more

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