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A Look back at the first 10 Episodes of 17 Minutes of Science

Our weekly live show has reached a new milestone!

This week, 17 Minutes of Science hit a milestone - our 10th episode! While this also means we have spent 10 weeks in quarantine, the show has become a unique and fun way to stay engaged with our community and continue learning despite COVID-19 restrictions. To celebrate, we've taken a look back at all the episodes so far.

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Featured Findings:

  • A New School of Thought: Using Zebrafish to Understand Genetics of Group Behavior
    • As we all spend time isolating ourselves for social distancing purposes, group behavior is on the forefront of our minds in new and unforeseen ways. We as a species evolved to live and move in groups with complex social behaviors, and disruptions to these social interactions can impact us in profound and difficult ways, particularly with respect to our mental health. One of our scientists examines behavioral work done in zebrafish and how it is now more relevant than ever as we learn to navigate these changes in our day to day lives.
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