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Black Lives Matter

We stand in solidarity with those peacefully protesting

We at InVivo Biosystems would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of George Floyd. Now more than ever we need leadership, unity, and action to undo decades of discrimination and oppression. InVivo Biosystems stands in solidarity with those who are rightfully demanding justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Aubrey, and so many countless others who have died needlessly. InVivo Biosystems supports those who are peacefully protesting, and we encourage everyone to lift up their voices and work towards creating a more just, safe, and inclusive community for all.

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Featured Findings:

  • Alzheimer's awareness month [Infographic]
    • June is Alzheimer's awareness month. The major goal of Alzheimer’s research is to find therapies to treat the disease or prevent it from developing. C. elegans has emerged as a promising in vivo model for studying Alzheimer's disease as it may be used as a tool for pharmacological evaluation of novel therapeutic agents. Learn more about Alzheimer's Disease and why C. elegans are an effective model for studying the disease.
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  • Viral gene therapies and their potential use against COVID-19
    • This coming week on 17 Minutes of Science we are joined by Mark Mendoza. Mark currently works at the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center in Seattle where his work primarily focuses on gene therapies, which are currently being looked at as an option in the fight against COVID-19. Join us as we discuss with Mark Mendoza about viral gene therapies in relation to COVID-19.


Need some new wall decor for you lab? Sammy Katta has created a set of beautiful diversity and inclusion lab posters that are free to download and print. Check them out.

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