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About InVivo Biosystems

InVivo Biosystems provides end-to-end services to help pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biotechnology companies and academic research institutions around the globe accelerate their research and drug development efforts.

Our mission is to build the world’s most effective genetic animal models to advance human health. An expert in zebrafish and C. elegans models, InVivo Biosystems creates custom genome edited C. elegans and zebrafish models to enable aging and other disease studies. In addition, InVivo Biosystems provides in-vivo analytical services to produce data and insights for companies that need to make go/no-go decisions quickly in early-stage development of new compounds.

InVivo Biosystems Staff
  1. Collection of Experts. We pride ourselves on having domain expertise. As leaders in the field of genome engineering, we are pushing the boundaries of what can be done.  We think deep into the future on what may come and, at the same time, we are in the here and now, providing expert advice of immediate impact to our customers.
  2. Outside of the Box Thinking.  As good scientists and innovators, we are always challenging the status quo. Whether with internal process innovations or suggestions to our customers on how to get the best out of our products and services, we politely challenge the assumptions and help provide alternative solutions.
  3. Always put the customer first.  Bottomline, the domain expertise and assumption challenge is done in the service of our clientele. If they are unhappy about an outcome, we go above and beyond to fix it. When they are happy, we celebrate the accomplishments together.

Inclusion, it’s in our DNA.

At InVivo Biosystems, we’re passionate about creating an inclusive workplace that encourages, supports and celebrates diversity.  These are not just words for us – we actively seek to create an environment that reflects the global community we serve and where everyone feels empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work. 

We are scientists, researchers and barrier breakers. We are nature lovers, readers, hikers, artists, gardeners, sports enthusiasts, friends and family members - we are unique individuals. We believe diversity, equity and inclusion drive innovation. Together, we spark insights to create a better, healthier world.

Our History



Drs. Lockery and Weeks founded NemaMetrix

University of Oregon Professor Shawn Lockery applied microfluidics techniques, which involve precise control and manipulation of constrained fluids to move the worms around in a predictable manner. Dr. Lockery realized that this new technique could be used as a precise and cost-effective drug screening tool. Collaborating with fellow University of Oregon Professor Janis Weeks, who had a background in electrophysiology and neural circuits, Shawn was able to turn his microfluidics concept into a functional prototype for use in rapidly screening drug candidates. This work was funded by a two-year NIH grant to the Lockery lab.



ScreenChip platform technology was recognized by the White House as one of the breakthrough life science research technologies.

NemaMetrix was one of the five finalists who received the award under the Obama Administration.  The ScreenChip System was considered a disruptive high-throughput, low cost, and easy-to-use platform for drug development based on physiological monitoring of the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans.



NemaMetrix and Knudra Transgenics merge to add CRISPR genome editing capabilities.

NemaMetrix adds the capability of creating custom transgenics by joining forces with Knudra Transgenics, a pioneer and an expert in providing transgenic C. elegans and zebrafish based in Salt Lake City. The combined company is in a stronger position to provide expertise and solutions to answer genome-to-phenome questions.



NemaMetrix becomes the winner of the first "Most Innovative" health startup selected by CB Insights.

While more than 2,000 companies applied for the opportunity to pitch at Demo Day, NemaMetrix was one of 40 companies chosen to present at the A-ha! Conference. CB Insights selected NemaMetrix as part of an elite group of startups driving progress in artificial intelligence, fintech, health and bleeding-edge technologies.



NemaMetrix expands its genome editing expertise into creation of genetically modified zebrafish.

The company adds the capability of creating genetic models using zebrafish for understanding gene function, basic biology, and more precisely modeling human diseases.



NemaMetrix launches its first end-to-end in vivo analytical service to produce data and insights for early-stages of drug development.

NemaMetrix's in vivo analytical services produce data and insights for companies that need to make go/no-go decisions quickly and help researchers understand the mechanism of action, analyze gene function, and advance the development of compounds and therapies.



NemaMetrix changes its operating name to InVivo Biosystems to capitalize on its in-vivo analysis platform.

The company expands its research platforms to help researchers develop and deliver therapeutic solutions for critical diseases. The company’s in-vivo analyses provide essential services to pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, and biotechnology companies around the world to accelerate research and drug development efforts, enabling earlier insights by closing the gap between cells and mice.



InVivo Biosystems adds COVID-19 environmental testing via partnership and aids research efforts in drug and vaccine development.

The company starts to offer environmental and lab testing for the detection of the COVID-19 virus from surface and air samples through a partnership with a local startup, Enviral Tech, Inc. In addition, the company's genetic engineering expertise enables the creation humanized genetic models for COVID-19 research.



InVivo Biosystems enters the nutraceutical space

InVivo Biosystems enters nutraceutical space leveraging its Longevity Platform and provides nutraceutical firms with data analysis on the effect of healthy-aging ingredients and formulations (evidence-based claims).

Our Management Team

Matt Beaudet
Matt Beaudet
Chief Executive Officer
Janis Weeks, Ph.D.
Co-Founder & Chief Global Health Officer
Chris Hopkins, CSO
Chris Hopkins, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer
Tony Iverson
Tony Iverson,
VP of Finance
Kat McCormick
Kat McCormick, Ph.D.
VP of Product

Wenlan Hu, VP of Marketing
Wenlan Hu, MBA
VP of Marketing

Darsi Neff, MBA
Darsi Neff, MBA
Director of People

Dr. Sarah Cheesman - zebrafish expert
Sarah Cheesman, Ph.D.
Director of Sales
Harold Holman
Harold Holman
Director of Operations
Dr. Tricia Brock
Trisha Brock, Ph.D.
Director of Research & Technical Delivery

Our Board of Directors

Ann Bunnenberg, Ph.D.
CEO, White Horse Consulting LLC

Evangeline Gonzalez

VP/GM at Antylia Scientific

Dr. Shawn Lockery
Shawn Lockery, Ph.D.
Co-Founder, CTO
Sr. Member, National Academy of Inventors

C. Palani Palaniappan, Ph.D.
Chief Innovation Officer, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
Rick Miller
Co-Founder, Rogue Venture Partners


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