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Precise Knock-outs for Precise Research

Knockouts are the bread and butter of reverse genetic studies. They allow researchers to study the effects of the absence of a particular gene, protein segment, amino acid, or regulatory element, thereby enabling the researcher to determine their function. Many of the classically used and widely available knockout lines researchers rely on are not precise deletions. Instead, many of these lines have an early stop inserted resulting in a partial gene product. They are truncations and not true deletions. 

If your research requires a line with the deletion of a full gene we recommend working with a precise deletion to ensure the accuracy of your studies.  When enquiring about the function of specific gene domains, precision in your knockout is even more important. Precise knockouts can even help researchers look beyond the gene into putative regulatory elements. 

Over the last five years, since we confirmed our very first knockout project, we have honed our methods for producing knockouts. We have adapted our process and use a method similar to that described in Paix et al., 2015

Since then, we have made well over 300 knockout lines. Our current project timeline from order to shipment is approximately 4-5 weeks.  Our transgenic designers ensure that each knockout we make is exactly the right strain to answer the research question.

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Step-by-step knockout screening and injection process
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